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Company Profile
Over 20 years of experience

Zhongshan STZ Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 by Mr. Seitz in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. It is a multinational company specializing in the technology development, production and sales of wire harnesses and connector coils in one.

After years of development, the company has accumulated a wealth of experience and technology in the production of wire harnesses and coils; excellent management team will conduct regular training and assessment for employees; IPQC workers and group leaders inspect and guide each process in production to ensure that problems can be identified and reported in time to analyze the problems in production to ensure that each process is free of defective output; the company now has advanced level of production equipment at home and abroad.

Meanwhiles we will maintain and inspect daily the equipment and tools, the production of products at the same time for the equipment and tools for daily inspection and maintenance. Zhongshan STZ Electronics Co., Ltd. is dedicated to product control with a serious attitude and excellent quality, to win the recognition and trust of the market and partners.

We also have a professional coil production line, as well as a customer-oriented service philosophy of providing quality products and services to ensure customer satisfaction. We can make samples according to customers' customization. The coil winding machine is highly automated and can produce high quality coils in a stable manner, and the group leader will sample test energized at any time during production, and will also be tested again by special QC workers afterwards.

"Quality, flexibility, independence and punctuality" are  our company philosophyies.
We always adhere to the business concept  of "integrity-based, quality first".


ISO 9001:2015


Company Equipment


(Part of the display of large crimping terminal opening equipment machinery)


Multi-functional testing equipment


Tensile tester


Tensile tester




Our employees have been using the equipment and machinery for a long time, and they are skilled in the production of the corresponding processes, such as glue pressing, coil winding, and terminal pressing.
Regular Training & Analysis
The management team of Zhongshan STZ Electronics Co., Ltd. pays more attention to the overall quality and professional and technical level of employees, and conducts regular training for team leaders and employees in different positions, and flexibly chooses different methods of training and assessment.

The team leader is the core strength of the production management of the enterprise, and is the commander of the production staff, playing an important role as the "head of the army". Ltd. will conduct a weekly team leader lectures and seminars to improve the work ability and management level of team leaders.


Zhongshan STZ Electronics Co., Ltd. establishes a humane management idea. So that employees in the enterprise can play the maximum potential, clear understanding of the product process content, at the same time, in the process of production, on the self-inspection self-check out defective products, while IPQC team every hour in the workshop inspection and guidance, to do timely reporting of problems and product rework. We conduct a weekly staff meeting, meeting to analyze the reasons for the weekly defective rate, and finally summarize the improvement methods and make training staff, in order to is to improve production technology and production quality.


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